Post Workshop Series Reference Page


Thank you for joining the GOOD+HEC workshop series for your organization, company or sports team.  Our workshop was meant to just skim the surface of what Mindfulness is all about and provide a framework for you to use this "life toolkit" to live a more mindful, resilient and balanced lifestyle.

Mindfulness and meditation is a very personal practice - it is different for everyone, and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  The important thing is to pick a framework that works for you, and start sitting a few minutes a day.  Your inner truth will guide you to what seems to resonate and affect your well being the most, in a positive way.  

Always keep in mind the 8 Attitudinals and the Triangle of Awareness that we reviewed in the workshop.  When you bring that understanding into each sit, eventually, over time, you will bring those concepts and frameworks into your everyday.

We're all in this together!

Below is a list of resources for your reference.  

Life is a journey - there's an ebb and a flow to it.  Each of us has the ability to look at ourselves and heal those areas we want to make better, for our own personal growth.



Self Study 8 Week MBSR Course FREE - Palouse Mindfulness

This is an excellent, free, online resource to do the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction full 8 week program on-line, at your own pace.  A certificate will be issued if you do the work and submit the requirements.

Note: this is not a teacher training course, but instead, a course available for those who do not live in areas that have MBSR teachers providing programs.  

Keep an eye on GOOD+HEC as we will be offering something similar in the later part of 2017.


This is a fantastic Ted talk by Kelly McGonigal about how to view Stress as a good thing.  

Kelly McGonigal Stress Video 



These are excellent guided meditations that are about simple awareness of body, mind and emotions with a variation of lengths and teachers.

Breathing Meditation 

Guided Sitting

Guided Sitting Meditation with Jon Kabat-Zinn

10 Minutes - Seated and Guided Meditation


These are excellent guided meditations for the Body Scan.  You will note the approach taken by different teachers will be different - choose a voice and approach that works for you.  1 time per week is a great start.

Body Scan 1 

Body Scan 2 - Palousse Mindfulness 

Body Scan by Jon Kabat-Zinn



This is the 3 step (or 3 minute) Breathing Space meditations.  

Bring simple awareness to the mind, body and emotions in the first step, and then a broader awareness with focus on the breath as the second step, and then finally an expanded awareness of your humanity in the context of our broader connection.  This helps to ground us when we are feeling overwhelmed and switch from the Sympathetic to the ParaSympathetic systems. 

If you recall, in our workshop we practiced the "N, G, E" Breathing space, or "Name the emotion of body cue", "Breathe in and around that sensation in the body where the emotion is stored", and then "Expand your Breath to include the entire body".  

3 Step Breathing Space

3 Minute Breathing Space


The loving kindness always starts with self compassion for your self, and then typically we expand that love for close friends and difficult persons and eventually, out to a broader awareness of our own humanity.

 Loving Kindness 

 Loving Kindness by Tara Brach


This is a link to some supporting documents about specific benefits, research studies and how the brain is affected by exercise.  

Also, workshop session document available for download here. 

Supporting Documents