i. a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going

ii. something that changes in a regular and repeated way

iii. finding balance in life's ebb and flow

GOOD+HEC is a lifestyle company helping corporate citizens, sports teams and our general community to live a more mindful, resilient and balanced life .

Using brain sensing technology developed by our partner, Muse, as well as a proven mindfulness based stress reduction methodology, we have designed a series of affordable workshops, workshop series and 4 week programs that integrate the attitudinals of mindfulness into the busy lives of business, professionals and sports teams.

Our in person engagements at your office, conference event or place of practice help individuals and teams establish a cadence and a framework so mindfulness theory and practice can be integrated into business process and the overall team environment.

At GOOD+HEC, we know that "body movement"​ of any sort coupled with "mind movement"​ helps individuals become familiar with their "triangle of awareness"​ - which greatly enhances focus, motivation, balance and happiness.

All participants in GOOD+HEC's Curriculum receive Community Pricing on our Body Movement garments.

You can schedule an introductory discussion or curriculum presentation here.



We make our clothing using local suppliers from the USA and Canada, no sweatshops are used and our production floors recycle their trims and fabric waste.    Our cost of goods and services tend to be much higher than if we were conducting a lot of international shipping to foreign countries (which also helps to reduce our carbon footprint).   

 Having a mindful and local production process means increased production costs.

So instead of traditional Made in Canada or Made in USA pricing, we’ve decided to sell our garments at near wholesale pricing to members of our community.  Anyone who participates in any of GOOD+HEC's curriculum will have access to community pricing on our garments, for life. 

Our Philosophy

  • Body Movement gets our hearts revving, our muscles pumping and our physical selves opening, leaving us feeling accomplished and present.

  • Mind Movement draws us inward through the practice of sitting and finding the space between our thoughts, heightening clarity and focus in daily life.

  • Urban Movement takes us out of our heads and into the world to connect with our friends, our peers and our communities.

GOOD+HEC is a lifestyle brand for body, mind and urban movement.

3% of our garment sales are donated to organizations working to help others with lived experience of mental health issues.

Our Garments

  • GOOD+HEC is Made in Canada. We aim to source our product materials from Canada and the USA wherever we can. Supporting local businesses is a guiding factor in our procurement decisions.

    Our pieces are not only classic but also utilitarian. Small but important design details like useful pockets and gussets are included in our decisions to ensure maximum comfort for body movement while detailed enough to dress up for urban movement.

    We spent a great deal of time searching for the perfect cotton blends. All of the fabric that is used to sew our shorts is milled here in Toronto. For our tops, we finally found our signature tri-blend that performs well, fits right and feels great at a mill south of the border. All of our fabric orders were colour dyed to meet our specifications.

    The denim used in our launch collection was sourced from a USA supplier. Our Indigo stretch denim is milled in the USA, our Black Tavex is milled in Spain and our Japanese Selvedge is milled in Japan.

    Our Body and Urban Movement collection is sewn in Toronto and Nova Scotia giving us more control to ensure high-quality work represents the detail of our designs. Our friends on the production floor are paid fair wages and work in a safe environment. 

Our Benches

  • These handcrafted MIND MOVEMENT benches help to reduce the pressure points on the legs and feet and elevate the hips so they are higher than your knees. The 15% angle and 7 degree slope of the bench's seat help to support an anterior pelvic tilt which alleviates compression of the lower back. 

    The folding legs help for easy transport to other sit spots you may enjoy practicing.

    Our Walnut and Maple is purchased in raw form from a supplier in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The wood is transported to a workshop outside of New Glasgow, NS.

    Final dimensions of the bench are 21 inches seat length x 7 1/4 inches seat width x 1 inch seat thickness x 8 inches seat height (measured back of seat to floor) and 7 inches seat height (measured front of seat to floor).

    Additional braces are cut and added to the sides of the folding legs to provide for extra stability to the already sturdy piano hinges that fasten the legs to the seat.

    Each bench is sanded, assembled, branded and then conditioned by hand.

    6 inch piano hinges are used to attach the legs to the seat sections and braces used to support them ensuring they are sturdy and durable.