These handcrafted MIND MOVEMENT benches help to reduce the pressure points on the legs and feet and elevate the hips so they are higher than your knees. The 15% angle and 7 degree slope of the bench's seat help to support an anterior pelvic tilt which alleviates compression of the lower back. 

The folding legs help for easy transport to other sit spots you may enjoy practicing.

Our Walnut and Maple is purchased in raw form from a supplier in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The wood is transported to a workshop outside of New Glasgow, NS.

Final dimensions of the bench are 21 inches seat length x 7 1/4 inches seat width x 1 inch seat thickness x 8 inches seat height (measured back of seat to floor) and 7 inches seat height (measured front of seat to floor).

Additional braces are cut and added to the sides of the folding legs to provide for extra stability to the already sturdy piano hinges that fasten the legs to the seat.

Each bench is sanded, assembled, branded and then conditioned by hand.

6 inch piano hinges are used to attach the legs to the seat sections and braces used to support them ensuring they are sturdy and durable.