i. a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going

ii. something that changes in a regular and repeated way

iii. finding balance in life's ebb and flow

GOOD+HEC is a lifestyle company helping corporate citizens, sports teams and our general community to live a more mindful, resilient and balanced life .

Using brain sensing technology developed by our partner, Muse, as well as a proven mindfulness based stress reduction methodology, we have designed a series of affordable workshops, workshop series and 4 week programs that integrate the attitudinals of mindfulness into the busy lives of business, professionals and sports teams.

Our in person engagements at your office, conference event or place of practice help individuals and teams establish a cadence and a framework so mindfulness theory and practice can be integrated into business process and the overall team environment.

At GOOD+HEC, we know that "body movement"​ of any sort coupled with "mind movement"​ helps individuals become familiar with their "triangle of awareness"​ - which greatly enhances focus, motivation, balance and happiness.

All participants in GOOD+HEC's Curriculum receive Community Pricing on our Body Movement garments.

You can schedule an introductory discussion or curriculum presentation here.