Selling With Presence

- cultivate a winning mindset -



Selling with Presence is a 2.5 hour, theory-based workshop followed by a 6-week program that subtly integrates mindfulness into the daily life of a salesperson. 

Using brain-sensing neurofeedback wearable devices made by, Muse, the program helps busy sales professionals realize the benefits of the practice to cultivate a winning mindset.

When we integrate the methodology of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction into the sales process and the busy, stressful and "up-and-down" emotional lives of sales executives, over time attitudes can shift, and motivation increases. 

Cultivating a "can do", "positive", "resilient" and "focused" approach to selling helps professionals win more often and bounce back faster from the inevitable setbacks of pipeline generation, account management and deal cycles. 

Every successful sales executive has a few common traits:

  • an ability to listen and understand their client's business and the buyer's personal situation
  • an ability to create trusting connections
  • they are positive and bounce back from setbacks quickly
  • they are focused and tenacious in their pursuit to win
  • they are balanced with their emotions and bring creativity to the solutions and pricing strategies they propose
  • they have an appetite for learning and can articulate the value of their products clearly

These "success traits" all correlate back to the attitudinals of mindfulness.

The positive benefits of a practice have been proven in countless research studies by academic institutes around the world.  CEO's and sports professionals include meditation as part of their daily routine and in recent years the corporate world is starting to take note. 

Selling with Presence combines theory, gamification, technology and neuroscience in a program that salespeople get excited about.  

Program Objectives:

  • Introduce participants to the practice of Mindfulness by first setting some theory and context and applying the methodology to the sales process 
  • Participants will actively take part (via discussion and exercise) in a workshop and then can "Opt-in" to the 6 Week follow-on program
  • Over 6 weeks, using the Muse devices and integrating a weekly theme into the everyday sales role, success traits emerge 

Delivery Format:

  • 1 x 2.5-hour workshop session (max 20 persons per workshop)
  • 6 weeks of self-practice (at home or office) for 10 mins a day using the Muse devices
  • 1/2 hour live kick-off call each week (recorded) which sets the theme for each week
  • Each participant is allotted a personal coach that can be accessed for 2 x 1/2 hour sessions over the course of 6 weeks

Ideal Workshop Environment:

  • Quarterly Business Reviews, Sales Kick-Offs, Team Events
  • Corporate Events, Professional Services Conferences or Team Development sessions

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