Our Three Percent Commitment

11 May 2015

Research institutes around the globe have proven that a consistent meditation practice can help reduce stress, increase focus and concentration, promote equanimity of emotions and is another approach to fighting depression, anxiety and break substance abuse habits.

GOOD+HEC is committed to supporting organizations who believe that movement of all types is at the core of mental well being. 3% of our sales are donated to organizations working to help others with lived experience of mental health issues. 

At launch, we are supporting Stella's Place.


Stella’s Place exists to provide a positive place for young adults to understand the mental health issues they are confronted with, and build the skills and strategies they need to go on to live the lives they choose. 

Stella’s Place believes in supporting the whole person through choices offered in a peer-to-peer, multifaceted community that allows young people to create their own path.

Stella’s Place will provide much needed support to young adults age 16-29, a group that is severely affected by mental health issues and yet is consistently let down by the current healthcare system. Only 1 in 4 young people report getting the help they need, leaving many on waitlists and even more falling through the cracks altogether.

The programs at Stella’s Place are being co-designed with young adults who have lived experience of mental health issues. It will be a community where young people can find peer support online and in person, an array of assessment and clinical services, wellness enhancing programs for the mind and body, and a pathway to get back into school and employment.

Stella's Place is launching a Peer Support Training Program in the summer of 2015 and will be building and testing its online platform and app during the winter of 2015, with plans to offer clinical and peer support services and open a Toronto location in 2016.


Stella's Place can be found online at stellasplace.ca and you can donate directly here.

Donations can be mailed to 45 Bowden St, Toronto ON, M4K 2X3. 

Email:  info@stellasplace.ca
Phone: 416-461-2345