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Everyone knows that engaging in any body movement activity like a gym routine, practicing yoga, running, rock climbing etc. promotes better physical health.

 An increasing trend in the western world is the openness to “mind movement practices” like meditation. The positive implications of such practices on mental health are stress reduction, increased focus and concentration, equanimity of emotions, reduced depression and anxiety, or even breaking substance abuse habits. The benefits are supported by many studies from reputable scientific associations and research institutes around the world.

We believe that Mind Movement practices like daily meditation can help us stay connected to a more positive, calm and fulfilled life.  Because of this belief, 3% of our sales will be donated to Mental Health organizations committed to this message.

At launch, we are supporting Stella's Place  – a Toronto based youth organization that believes movement and meditation can help young adults deal with various forms of mental health issues. As our brand progresses and grows, our program will expand to include other organizations committed to this important work. 


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We exist to provide a positive place for young adults to learn how to manage the mental health issue they are confronted with, so that they can go on to live the lives they choose.

We believe in supporting the whole person through choices offered in a peer-to-peer multifaceted framework that allows young people to create their own path for success.

Stella’s Place will provide much needed support to young adults age 16-29, a group that is severely affected by mental health issues and yet is consistently let down by the current healthcare system. Only 1 in 4 young people report getting the help they need, leaving many on waitlists and even more falling through this gap all together.

Stella’s Place is being co-designed with young adults who have lived experience of mental health issues. It will be a community where young people can find peer support online and in person, an array of assessment and clinical services, wellness enhancing programs, and a pathway to get back into school and employment. We are launching our Peer Support Training Program in the summer of 2015, we will be building and testing our online platform and app during the winter of 2015, and have our sights set on opening a location next year.

We are moving forwards in leaps and bounds, but still have a ways to go. We are truly grateful for the support of Good + Hec, an innovative organization with an incredible commitment to their values.
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